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About us

dailypoojaseva.com is an online venture with a vision to make Pooja flowers, pooja amenities and special poojas / homams to be accessible online for the wider audience to enjoy and perform some of their all-time favourite Poojas with utmost satisfaction.

Owned and operated by group of women who have taken-up these businesses straight from college to realize their dream of spreading the rich Indian culture, heritage and provide pooja experience through organized retail trade. As on-line retail operations, which also have shown significant promise and growth in the past 3 years. The venture has been acknowledged by various media houses and industry captains.

dailypoojaseva.com celebrates the uniqueness of Indian culture and tradition and reflects the diversity of Indian heritage. Some of the classics and quality flowers, garlands are from Thovalai, Nagerkovil – Ring Malai and homa samagiris are from Kolli Malai Salem and Chittoor (AP) and other related native centres. The website also caters to Special Poojas / Homams like Sudarsana homam, Ganapathy Homam, Maha-Lakshmi Pooja etc. and the website also helps to source the Pandits (Gurus / Vaathiyaar) to perform pooja at your home in a hazzle-free manner with utmost reliability.

The people at dailypoojaseva.com are passionate on the pooja services they offer and take extensive care to ensure that only the best quality of the specialties are allowed to be listed on their website. The focus right now is to include good quality pooja materials and expand the product offerings in a very hygienic manner. An exclusive Nakshatra temple seva to the people based on the birth stars which would benefit not only for Non Residence Indians (NRI),also for people who are living outside Tamil Nadu to greet and perform poojas for their loved ones like Sashitiapthapoorthi and other special occasions.

Most importantly Dailypoojaseva.com is pioneering in delivering their offerings all around the globe (daily pooja packages) and special poojas / Homam material supply across tamilnadu, people who miss their local pooja experience.

Our mission is to bring out pooja flowers and pooja products and offer it to the people who are craving for it from different parts of the heritage and culturally rich sources. By this Initiative we directly benefit the livelihood of the traditional makers of the native products.