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Ayyappa Pooja



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Ayyappa Pooja

Swamy Ayyappan is worshiped to attain great success in all aspects of life. This pooja is mostly performed by people fasting and maintaining strict discipline in their lives. This pooja is followed by bhajans and keerthanais for all the important deities.

Ayyappa Pooja

Economy : (1 Vathiyar + Mini Mandatory Pack)  Rs.1199

Standard : (1 Vathiyar + All Pooja Materials)  Rs.4500

Premium : ( 2 Vathiyars + All Pooja Materials )  Rs.9200

•   Cotton Shoulder Bag with Zip
•   Irumudi ( Large in Size )
•   Mudra Sanji-3
•   Cotton Dhoti ( 2 Meters )

•   Large size Kerala Handloom Bath Towels ( 2 Meters )

•    And also include purchase of Standard and Premium Pooja Pack.

•    Ganapathi Pooja
•    Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam
•    Ayyapa Swamy pooja ( Neiyabhishekam, Niranjanam, Padi pooja )
•    Prasad Distribution (Inclusions Dakshina)

•    Mini Mandatory Pack.

• Ganapathi pooja
• Punyaha Vachanam & Maha Sankalpam
• Ayyapa Swamy pooja ( Neiyabhishekam, Niranjanam, Padi pooja )

• Pooja Samagri (More quantity)
• Devotional Ayyapa Swamy Bhajans
• Prasad Distribution (More Quantity of Neivedhya Prasad will be brought) Inclusions  Dakshina.

Mini Mandatory Pack.

 (Need To Order Again For More Product)

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