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AnnaprasanaAnnaprasana Pooja is performed when the child going to have solid food for the first time..


Bhima Ratha Shanthi ( 70th Birthday Pooja )Bhima Ratha Shanthi is the set of Poojas and rituals that..


NaamakaranamNaamkaranam is the Baby naming ceremony to formally choose a newborn baby’s name with th..


Sashtiapthapoorthi (60th Birthday Pooja)Sashtiapthapoorthi is the marriage ceremony performed for th..


Sathabhishekam (80th Birthday Pooja)Sathabhishekam is the set of Poojas and rituals that are perform..


RudrabhishekamRudrabhishekam is the ultimate pooja which is performed to Lord Shiva. The main part o..


AksharabhyasamAksharabhyasam is one of the 16 sanskaras to be performed, in which the child when att..


Graha PravasamGraha Pravasam is the set of Poojas and rituals that are performed before one starts t..


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